“A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars; it’s where the rich use public transportation” - Enrique Panalosa


What is city i Shuttle ?

City i Shuttle is a perfect amalgamation of affordability with superior transport service and reliable running timings.We assure that you reach your destination safely.Our shuttle service offers express airport transfers by taking the stress out of rush hour journeys.Our professional team members are courteous and responsive, who make your transit smooth and hassle free. Our vehicles surpass all quality standards when it comes to the condition of automobile and run on the same fuel usage so that there is no negative impact on the environment.
You can book your ride to and from the airport with one easy click on City i ShuttleWeb/App or make on spot bookings at our counters available at the airport. 


Go Green Initiative

Through our airport shuttle transfer solution, we want to address the problem of increased congestion on the road and severe environmental degradation issues.We hope our conscious, efficient and determined efforts can bring a real positive change in the environment.

Some of the advantages of our services are –

  • Lesser air and noise pollution
  • Reduced emissions
  • Cleaner and greener environment
  • Economical transportation
  • Safeguard environment
  • Improved healthy lifestyle
  • Improved public health

Is it good for me?

This safe and secure airport transport solution is ideal for people traveling in groups, with their team mates (corporate trips) or family members. We will provide a multi stop option which is quite efficient for those wishing to be picked up from their respective locations. Those going on a corporate trip can travel to the airport together, communicate well and utilize their commute in sorting emails, having important discussions pertaining to the trip, etc.
City i Shuttle is an affordable, secure and a hassle free transport solution for air passengers that is sure to play an exclusive role in air passenger transport industry.
Once the passengers land, they have to undergo the hassles and the anxiety of booking a reliable transport to their destination. This is where City Shuttle comes to their rescue. We relieve the customers from this discomfort and provide them with the same level of comfort and outstanding service that they had experienced during their flight.



“If you provide good alternatives for public transport, you won’t have traffic problems.”
-Jaime Lerner

VaimanikaTranserv Private Limited


Is dream, conceived by a team of diligent individuals who hail from different spheres of life with an aim to provide the Best Public Transportation Services in Indore. Indore is evolving as a Smart City, which is a hub to many industries and educational institutions. The ever increasing statistic of frequent air travelers to and fro from Indore airport and the connectivity across major destinations within India, has made Indore a nerve center for air passengers.

We have come up with a professional shuttle service for air travelers, with an aim to provide value for money service to guests travelling en route Indore. City i Shuttle is a small but momentous initiative towardsthe same and fora cleaner environment. By providing a hassle free ride to the airport in a well maintained automobile, our purpose is to go easy on the environment. The shuttle service will considerably reduce the traffic towards the airport. This will not only safeguard the environment but also give the passengers a hassle free and comfortable travel.

City i Shuttle


With City i Shuttle on the go, passengers can relieve themselves from the stress of reaching the airport. We believe in providing our customers a comfortable and safe ride at cost-effective rates. Those travelling in group or with their family members can benefit greatly with shuttle service, as it becomes easier to communicate and commute together to or from the airport. With easy online bookings and payment options for our shuttle service, reaching airport is no more a dreary task.

We prioritize our passenger safety and privacy and for this we have employed licensed and professional drivers for our registered and insured vehicles for the shuttle service. Our shuttle service will save your time as we take the core responsibility of scheduling your pick up and drop off to and from the airport. Our target pick-up and drop points are closer to auto stands and bus stops as these spots are connected directly to the passenger’s final destination.

Indore, which is soon to be a Smart City, will be greatly benefited with the advent of City i Shuttle, that offers the most economical and convenient way of getting airport transfers.

“This is the beginning, and the dawn of a new era of transportation.”
-Shervin Pishevar

Our Service


  1. At City i Shuttle, we guarantee punctuality, reliability and safety. For us, the comfort and privacy of our guests are of utmost importance. We wouldn’t hesitate to walk an extra mile just to ensure that our guests are 100% happy and satisfied with our services. The core agenda of City i Shuttle is to take the stress out of your airport transfer. By providing a professional airport transportation service, we prioritize the comfort and safety of our valued customers. The drop in and drop outs are scheduled with great finesse that travelers are sure to reach their destination on time.
  2. We have implemented an innovative technology to make our shuttle service easily accessible without any inconvenience. With computerized routing, GPS service, automated tracking, safety of passengers is completely assured along with timely reach. We provide water bottles on demand, daily newspaper, wet wipes and airport guidance manual as well to our passengers on board.
  3. With regular comprehensive computerized preventative maintenance, we are capable of avoiding breakdowns, which gives a hassle free user experience. Our Airport shuttle can be parked inside the airport and booking counters are available inside the Airport premises for ticket issuance.
  4. City i Shuttle is here to alleviate the stress of air travelers. Our fully insured and well kept vehicles run by professionally trained drivers are not harsh on the environment. We endeavor to enhance our green initiative by ensuring timely check of our vehicles and use of the same fuel at all times. Our drivers undergo extensive training and innovative safety programs so that our customers feel safe when availing our shuttle service.

How its work ?

“You can’t understand a city without using its public transportation system”
-Erol Ozan

  • City i Shuttle is Indore’s efficient airport ground transportation service that will cut down the commotion of travelling to and from the airport. Assuring professional ride with experienced drivers, City i Shuttle is a reliable and hassle free airport ground transportation service.
  • We offer extraordinary customer service and hire drivers that undergo a thorough background check before they are employed. By choosing City i Shuttle for your drop in and drop out to and from the airport, you will surely make a cost-effective decision. With easy online bookings, you can make a reservation for our transport service on the go. Passengers are also given the facility of making reservations at our service counters inside the airport.
  • Our fares begin from 99 with our Airport@99* service, which is a very reasonable rate and can vary depending upon rush hours, distance and the peak season.We offer prompt and secure ride from your drop off and pick up at very cost efficient rates. Our fully equipped vehicles are well maintained that offer comfort to the passengers so that they can ease out and relieve the pre travel anxiety. With City i Shuttle, air passengers have a versatile transportation solution at their finger tips. 
  • Our skilled drivers are well acquainted with the traffic pattern and if there is a traffic delay, our drivers will take the fastest route and take you to your destination quickly and efficiently. City i Shuttle is way cheaper than the conventional taxi or cab and with consistent quality service; we are taking a step towards providing a cleaner and greener environment. 
  • City i Shuttle strives to provide the guests with a technologically aligned enhanced user friendly experience. Indore is rightly called the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh. With the frequency of air travelers increasing day by day in Indore, airport shuttle service is the need of the hour. 

Our Team

"A Hardcore sales person in the mobile devices with total 17 years of experience."

Manish Patel

"Having a diverse experience of 19+ years in sales, marketing "

Terance Joseph

"40 Yrs. experiancy in industrial development and production unit. Work in major big industries like Hindustan Motors Limited, Birla Group ,Maruti Udyog Limited."

Tarun Kumar Banerjee

FAQ Section

  • What type of vehicle you have?

    We have a fleet of comfortable, air-conditioned buses, which connect the airport and the city (Indore). For us, the comfort and privacy of our guests are of utmost importance.

  • What about the pricing?

    Anyone can go around the city at the cost of only Rs 99 to Rs 149 from Airport and vice versa.

  • What areas you cover?

    We cover important places of Indore such as the Vijay Nagar, Raddison Square Janjeerwala Square, Palasia Square and many others.

  • What happens if my flight is delayed or cancelled?

    We will immediately reschedule your airport transfer in order to accommodate your revised arrangements.

  • Who are your target customers?

    We target family travelers, business leaders & associates, foreign delegates, group travelers, frequent flyers, and passengers looking for an economic mode of transportation.

  • What about the booking option?

    One can book their ride to and from the airport with one easy click on City i Shuttle Web/App or make on spot bookings at our counters available at the airport.

  • Tell us about your sustainable and green initiative?

    We are very serious when it comes to environmental pollution; that is why we have adopted the concept of shared transportation, which aims to lower the emission, save fuel cost, & protect our environment.

  • What is your ultimate objective?

    Our core agenda is to take the stress out of your airport transfer. Besides that, we want to improve air quality and reduce noise pollution through our green initiative. Our initiative aims to improve public health, promote clean and green environment, reduce traffic congestion and significantly reduce pollution-related diseases.

  • Why should I choose City i Shuttle?

    City i Shuttle is an affordable, secure and a hassle free transport solution for air passengers that is sure to play an exclusive role in air passenger transport industry. We also aim to reduce overall environmental pollution through our green initiatives.

  • What are the features of your services?

    We provide convenient, reliable, affordable, and safe transportation. We also provide water bottles (on demand), daily newspaper, wet wipes and airport guidance manual as well to our passengers on board. Besides that, our services significantly reduce the traffic towards the airport.

City i Shuttle

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